Nissan Murano: Head restraints/headrests / Remove and Install

Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Safety—Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system / Head restraints/headrests / Remove and Install


Use the following procedure to remove the head restraint/headrest:

  1. Pull the head restraint/headrest up to the highest position.
  2. Push and hold the lock knob.
  3. Remove the head restraint/headrest from the seat.

    Nissan Murano. Remove and Install

  4. Store the head restraint/headrest properly in a secure place so it is not loose in the vehicle.
  5. Reinstall and properly adjust the head restraint/headrest before an occupant uses the seating position.


  1. Align the head restraint/headrest stalks with the holes in the seat. Make sure that the head restraint/headrest is facing the correct direction. The stalk with the notch (notches) Nissan Murano. Remove and Install must be installed in the hole with the lock knob Nissan Murano. Remove and Install.

    Nissan Murano. Remove and Install

  2. Push and hold the lock knob and push the head restraint/headrest down.
  3. Properly adjust the head restraint/ headrest before an occupant uses the seating position.

    Adjustable and Non-adjustable head restraint/headrest components



    For adjustable head restraint/headrest Adjust the head restraint/headrest so the center is level with the center of your ears. If your ear position is still higher than the recommended alignment, place the head restraint/headrest at the highest position...

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