Nissan Murano: Explanation of scheduled maintenance items / Chassis and body maintenance

Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual / Maintenance and schedules / Explanation of scheduled maintenance items / Chassis and body maintenance

Brake lines and cables: Visually inspect for proper installation. Check for chafing, cracks, deterioration, and signs of leaking. Replace any deteriorated or damaged parts immediately.

Brake pads and rotors: Check for wear, deterioration and fluid leaks. Replace any deteriorated or damaged parts immediately.

Exhaust system: Visually inspect the exhaust pipes, muffler and hangers for leaks, cracks, deterioration, and damage. Tighten connections or replace parts as necessary.

In-cabin microfilter: Replace at specified intervals. When driving for prolonged periods in dusty conditions, replace the filter more frequently.

Propeller shaft(s): Check for damage, looseness, and grease leakage. (AWD)

Steering gear and linkage, axle and suspension parts, drive shaft boots: Check for damage, looseness, and leakage of oil or grease. Under severe driving conditions, inspect more frequently.

Tire rotation: Tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles (8,000 km) according to the instructions under “Explanation of general maintenance items” in this section. When rotating tires, check for damage and uneven wear. Replace if necessary.

Transmission fluid/oil, differential oil, transfer case oil: Visually inspect for signs of leakage at specified intervals. If towing a trailer, using a camper or car-top carrier, or driving on rough or muddy roads:

  • Replace the fluid/oil every 20,000 miles (32,000 km) or 24 months.
  • Replace the CVT fluid every 60,000 miles (96,000 km) or request the dealer to inspect the fluid deterioration data using a CONSULT. If the deterioration data is more than 210000, replace the CVT fluid.

Off-Road Maintenance Check the following items frequently whenever you drive off-road through deep sand,mud or water:

  • Brake pads and rotors
  • Brake lines and hoses
  • Differential, transmission and transfer case oil
  • Steering linkage
  • Propeller shaft(s) and front drive shafts
  • Engine air filter

    Emission control system maintenance

    Drive belt*: Check engine drive belt for wear, fraying or cracking and for proper tension. Replace any damaged drive belt. Engine air filter: Replace at specified intervals...

    Maintenance schedules

    To help ensure smooth, safe and economical driving, NISSAN provides two maintenance schedules that may be used, depending upon the conditions in which you usually drive...

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    Luggage hooks

    Nissan Murano. Luggage hooks

    When securing items using luggage hooks located on the back of the seat or side finisher do not apply a load over more than 6.5 lbs. (29 N) to a single hook.

    The luggage hooks that are located on the floor should have loads less than 110 lbs. (490 N) to a single hook.

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