Nissan Murano: Pre-driving checks and adjustments / Sun visors

Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual / Pre-driving checks and adjustments / Sun visors

Nissan Murano. Sun visors

To block glare from the front, swing down Nissan Murano. Sun visors the main sun visor.

To block glare from the side, remove the main sun visor from the center mount and swing the visor to the side Nissan Murano. Sun visors.

To extend Nissan Murano. Sun visors the sun visor, slide in or out as needed.


Do not store the sun visor before returning the extension to its original position.

Do not pull the extension sun visor forcedly downward.

Vanity mirrors

Nissan Murano. Sun visors

To access the vanity mirror, pull the sun visor down and flip open the mirror cover. The vanity mirror will illuminate when the mirror cover is open.

Card holder

Nissan Murano. Sun visors

Driver’s and passenger’s side

To use the card holder, slide card into the clip. Do not view information while operating the vehicle.

    Entry/Exit function

    The automatic drive positioner system will make the steering wheel move up automatically when the driver’s door is opened and the ignition switch is in the LOCK position...



    Other information:

    Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual: How to enable/disable the RCTA system

    Perform the following steps to enable or disable the RCTA system. Using “Settings” in the vehicle information display: Press the button until “Settings” displays in the vehicle information display and then press the OK button. Use the button to select “Driver Assistance...

    Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual: System malfunction

    If the AEB system malfunctions, it will be turned off automatically, a chime will sound, the AEB warning light (orange) will illuminate and the warning message [Malfunction] will appear in the vehicle information display. Action to take If the warning light (orange) comes on, stop the vehicle in a safe location, turn the engine off and restart the engine...


    Vehicle security system

    Nissan Murano. Vehicle security system

    Your vehicle has two types of security systems:

    Vehicle security system NISSAN Vehicle Immobilizer System

    The vehicle security system provides visual and audible alarm signals if someone opens the doors, liftgate or the hood when the system is armed. It is not, however, a motion detection type system that activates when a vehicle is moved or when a vibration occurs.

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