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Nissan Murano. Seatback pockets

Theremaybe one or two seatback pockets located on the back of the driver and passenger seats. The pockets can be used to store maps.


To ensure proper operation of the passenger’s NISSAN Advanced Air Bag System, please observe the following items:

  • Do not allow a passenger in the rear seat to push or pull on the seatback pocket or headrest.
  • Do not place heavy loads heavier than 9.1 lbs. (4 kg) on the seatback, head restraint/headrest or in the seatback pocket.

    Front-door pockets. Console side pockets (if so equipped)


    Storage trays


    Other information:

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    Front manual seat adjustment (if so equipped)

    Your vehicle seats can be adjusted manually. For additional information about adjusting the seats, refer to the steps outlined in this section.

    Forward and backward

    Nissan Murano. Front manual seat adjustment (if so equipped)

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