Nissan Murano: Lane Departure Warning (LDW) (if so equipped) / LDW system limitations

Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual / Starting and driving / Lane Departure Warning (LDW) (if so equipped) / LDW system limitations


Listed below are the system limitations for the LDWsystem. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions for proper use of the LDW system could result in serious injury or death.

  • The system will not operate at speeds below approximately 37mph(60 km/h) or if it cannot detect lane markers.
  • Do not use the LDWsystem under the following conditions as it may not function properly:
    • During bad weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.).
    • When driving on slippery roads, such as on ice or snow.
    • When driving on winding or uneven roads.
    • When there is a lane closure due to road repairs.
    • When driving in a makeshift or temporary lane.
    • When driving on roads where the lane width is too narrow.
    • When driving without normal tire conditions (for example, tire wear, low tire pressure, installation of spare tire, tire chains, nonstandard wheels).
    • When the vehicle is equipped with non-original brake parts or suspension parts.
    • When you are towing a trailer or other vehicle.
    • The system may not function properly under the following conditions:
    • On roads where there are multiple parallel lane markers; lane markers that are faded or not painted clearly; yellow painted lane markers; non-standard lane markers; or lane markers covered with water, dirt, snow, etc.
    • On roads where the discontinued lane markers are still detectable.
    • On roads where there are sharp curves.
    • On roads where there are sharply contrasting objects, such as shadows, snow, water, wheel ruts, seams or lines remaining after road repairs. (The LDWsystem could detect these items as lane markers.)
    • On roads where the traveling lane merges or separates.
    • When the vehicle’s traveling direction does not align with the lane marker.
    • When traveling close to the vehicle in front of you, which obstructs the lane camera unit detection range.
    • When rain, snow, dirt or an object adheres to the windshield in front of the lane camera unit.
    • When the headlights are not bright due to dirt on the lens or if the aiming is not adjusted properly.
    • When strong light enters the lane camera unit. (For example, the light directly shines on the front of the vehicle at sunrise or sunset.)
    • When a sudden change in brightness occurs. (For example, when the vehicle enters or exits a tunnel or under a bridge.)

    How to enable/disable the LDW system

    Perform the following steps to enable or disable the LDW system. Using “Settings” in the vehicle information display: Press the button until “Settings” displays in the vehicle information display and then press the OK button...

    System temporarily unavailable

    If the vehicle is parked in direct sunlight under high temperature conditions (over approximately 104°F [40°C]) and then started, the LDW system may be deactivated automatically and the following message will appear in the vehicle information display: “Unavailable: High Cabin Temperature...

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