Nissan Murano: Blind Spot Warning (BSW) (if so equipped) / BSW system limitations

Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual / Starting and driving / Blind Spot Warning (BSW) (if so equipped) / BSW system limitations


Listed below are the system limitations for the BSW system. Failure to operate the vehicle in accordance with these system limitations could result in serious injury or death.

  • The BSWsystem cannot detect all vehicles under all conditions.
  • The radar sensors may not be able to detect and activate BSWwhen certain objects are present such as:
    • Pedestrian, bicycles, animals.
    • Vehicles such as motorcycles, low height vehicles, or high ground clearance vehicles.
    • Oncoming vehicles.
    • Vehicles remaining in the detection zone when you accelerate from a stop.
    • A vehicle merging into an adjacent lane at a speed approximately the same as your vehicle.
    • A vehicle approaching rapidly from behind.
    • A vehicle which your vehicle overtakes rapidly.
    • A vehicle that passes through the detection zone quickly.
    • When overtaking several vehicles in a row, the vehicles after the first vehicle may not be detected if they are traveling close together.
  • The radar sensor’s detection zone is designed based on a standard lane width. When driving in a wider lane, the radar sensors may not detect vehicles in an adjacent lane. When driving in a narrowlane, the radar sensors may detect vehicles driving two lanes away.
  • The radar sensors are designed to ignore most stationary objects; however, objects such as guardrails, walls, foliage and parked vehicles may occasionally be detected. This is a normal operation condition.
  • The following conditions may reduce the ability of the radar to detect other vehicles:
    • Severe weather
    • Road spray
    • Ice/frost/snow/dirt build-up on the vehicle
  • Do not attach stickers (including transparent material), install accessories or apply additional paint near the radar sensors. These conditions may reduce the ability of the radar to detect other vehicles.
  • Excessive noise (for example, audio system volume, open vehicle window) will interfere with the chime sound, and it may not be heard.

    How to enable/disable the BSW system

    Perform the following steps to enable or disable the BSW system. Using “Settings” in the vehicle information display: Press the button until “Settings” displays in the vehicle information display and then press the OK button...

    BSW driving situations

    Illustration 1 – Approaching from behind Indicator on Indicator off Indicator flashing Another vehicle approaching from behind Illustration 1: The side BSW/RCTA indicator light illuminates if a vehicle enters the detection zone from behind in an adjacent lane...

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