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This type of hitch is also called a “loadleveling” or “equalizing” hitch. A set of bars attach to the ball mount and to the trailer to distribute the tongue weight (hitch weight) of your trailer. Many vehicles can’t carry the full tongue weight of a given trailer, and need some of the tongue weight transferred through the frame and pushing down on the front wheels. This gives stability to the tow vehicle.

A weight-distributing hitch system (Class IV) is recommended if you plan to tow trailers with amaximum weight over 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg). Check with the trailer and towing equipment manufacturers to determine if they recommend the use of a weightdistributing hitch system.


A weight-distributing hitch system may affect the operation of trailer surge brakes. If you are considering use of a weight-distributing hitch system with a surge brake-equipped trailer, check with the surge brake, hitch or trailer manufacturer to determine if and how this can be done.

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for installing and using the weight-distributing hitch system.

General set-up instructions are as follows:

  1. Park unloaded vehicle on a level surface. With the ignition on and the doors closed, allow the vehicle to stand for several minutes so that it can level.
  2. Measure the height of a reference point on the front and rear bumpers at the center of the vehicle.
  3. Attach the trailer to the vehicle and adjust the hitch equalizers so that the front bumper height is within 0 - .5 inches (0 – 13 mm) of the reference height measured in step 2. The rear bumper should be no higher than the reference height measured in step 2.


Properly adjust the weight distributing hitch so the rear of the bumper is no higher than the measured reference height when the trailer is attached. If the rearbumperis higher than themeasured reference height when loaded, the vehicle may handle unpredictably which could cause a loss of vehicle controlandcause serious personal injury or property damage.

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