Nissan Murano: In case of emergency / If your vehicle overheats

Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual / In case of emergency / If your vehicle overheats


  • Donot continue to drive if your vehicle overheats. Doing so could cause engine damage or a vehicle fire.
  • To avoid the danger of being scalded, never remove the radiator or coolant reservoir cap while the engine is still hot. When the radiator or coolant reservoir cap is removed,pressurized hot water will spurt out, possibly causing serious injury.
  • Do not open the hood if steamis coming out.

If your vehicle is overheating (indicated by an extremely high temperature gauge reading), or if you feel a lack of engine power, detect abnormal noise, etc. take the following steps:

  1. Move the vehicle safely off the road, apply the parking brake and move the shift lever to P (Park).

    Do not stop the engine.

  2. Turn off the air conditioner. Open all the windows, move the heater or air conditioner temperature control to maximum hot and fan control to high speed.
  3. Get out of the vehicle. Look and listen for steamor coolant escaping fromthe radiator before opening the hood. If steam or coolant is escaping, turn off the engine. Do not open the hood further until no steam or coolant can be seen.
  4. Open the engine hood.


    If steam or water is coming from the engine, stand clear to prevent getting burned.

  5. Visually check drive belts for damage or looseness. Also check if the cooling fan is running. The radiator hoses and radiator should not leak water. If coolant is leaking, the water pump belt is missing or loose, or the cooling fan does not run, stop the engine.


    Be careful not to allow your hands, hair, jewelry or clothing to comeinto contact with, or get caught in, engine belts or the engine cooling fan.The engine cooling fan can start at any time.

  6. After the engine cools down, check the coolant level in the engine coolant reservoir tank with the engine running. Add coolant to the engine coolant reservoir tank if necessary. Have your vehicle repaired. It is recommended that you visit a NISSAN dealer for this service.

    Push starting

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    Towing your vehicle

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