Nissan Murano: Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) (if so equipped) / Conventional (fixed speed) cruise control mode

Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Starting and driving / Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) (if so equipped) / Conventional (fixed speed) cruise control mode

This mode allows driving at a speed between 25 to 90 mph (40 to 144 km/h) without keeping your foot on the accelerator pedal.


  • In the conventional (fixed speed) cruise control mode, a warning chime does not sound to warn you if you are too close to the vehicle ahead, as neither the presence of the vehicle ahead nor the vehicle-to-vehicle distance is detected.
  • Pay special attention to the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle aheadof youor a collision could occur.
  • Always confirm the setting in the ICC system display.
  • Do not use the conventional (fixed speed) cruise control mode when driving under the following conditions:
    • When it is not possible to keep the vehicle at a set speed
    • In heavy traffic or in traffic that varies in speed
    • On winding or hilly roads
    • On slippery roads (rain, snow, ice, etc.)
    • In very windy areas
  • Doing so could cause a loss of vehicle control and result in an accident.

System maintenance

The sensor for the ICC system is located on the front of the vehicle. To keep the ICC system operating properly, be sure to observe the following: Always keep the sensor area clean...

Conventional (fixed speed) cruise control switches


Other information:

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Seatback pockets

Nissan Murano. Seatback pockets

Theremaybe one or two seatback pockets located on the back of the driver and passenger seats. The pockets can be used to store maps.


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