Nissan Murano: Instruments and controls / Wiper and washer switch

Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual / Instruments and controls / Wiper and washer switch

NISSAN Vehicle Immobilizer System

The NISSAN Vehicle Immobilizer System will not allow the engine to start without the use of a registered key. Never leave these keys in the vehicle. FCC Notice: For USA: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules...

Switch operation

WARNING In freezing temperatures the washer solution may freeze on the windshield and obscure your vision whichmaylead to an accident. Warm the windshield with the defroster before you wash the windshield...

Other information:

Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual: Securing the load

Cargo area luggage hooks There are luggage hooks located in the cargo area as shown. The hooks can be used to secure cargo with ropes or other types of straps. When securing items using luggage hooks located on the side finisher do not apply a load overmore than 6...

Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual: How to arm the vehicle security system

Close all windows and the moonroof (if so equipped). The system can be armed even if the windows and moonroof are open. Remove the Intelligent Key fromthe vehicle. Close all doors, hood and liftgate. Lock all doors. The doors can be locked with the Intelligent Key, door handle request switch, power door lock switch or mechanical key (if so equipped)...


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