Nissan Murano: Maintenance and schedules / General maintenance

Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Maintenance and schedules / General maintenance

During the normal day-to-day operation of the vehicle, general maintenance should be performed regularly as prescribed in this section. If you detect any unusual sounds, vibrations or smells, be sure to check for the cause or have it checked promptly. In addition, it is recommended that you visit a NISSAN dealer if you think that repairs are required.

When performing any checks or maintenance work, closely observe the “Maintenance precautions” in the “Do-it-yourself” section of this manual.


Additional information on the following items with “ * ” is found in the “Do-ityourself” section of this manual.

Maintenance requirements

Some day-to-day and regular maintenance is essential to maintain your vehicle good mechanical condition, as well as its emissions and engine performance...

Outside the vehicle

The maintenance items listed here should be performed from time to time, unless otherwise specified. Doors and engine hood: Check that the doors and engine hood operate properly...

Other information:

Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual: Remote starting the vehicle

To use the Remote Engine Start feature perform the following: Aim the Intelligent Key at the vehicle. Press the button to lock all doors. Within 5 seconds press and hold the button until the turn signal lights flash and the tail lamps turn on...

Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual: Front passenger’s power window switch, Rear power window switch

Front passenger’s power window switch The passenger’s window switch operates only the corresponding passenger’s window. To open the window partially, push the switch down lightly until the desired window position is reached. To close the window partially, pull the switch up until the desired window position is reached...


Vehicle security system

Nissan Murano. Vehicle security system

Your vehicle has two types of security systems:

Vehicle security system NISSAN Vehicle Immobilizer System

The vehicle security system provides visual and audible alarm signals if someone opens the doors, liftgate or the hood when the system is armed. It is not, however, a motion detection type system that activates when a vehicle is moved or when a vibration occurs.

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