Nissan Murano: Starting and driving / Break-in schedule

Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual / Starting and driving / Break-in schedule


During the first 1,200 miles (2,000 km), follow these recommendations to obtain maximum engine performance and ensure the future reliability and economy of your new vehicle. Failure to follow these recommendations may result in shortened engine life and reduced engine performance.

  1. Avoid driving for long periods at constant speed, either fast or slow, and do not run the engine over 4,000 rpm.
  2. Do not accelerate at full throttle in any gear.
  3. Avoid quick starts.
  4. Avoid hard braking as much as possible.
  5. Do not tow a trailer for the first 500 miles (805 kilometers). Your engine, axle or other parts could be damaged.

    Intelligent Driver Alertness (I-DA) system limitations

    WARNING Listed below are the system limitations for the I–DA system. Failure to operate the vehicle in accordance with these system limitations could result in serious injury or death...

    Fuel efficient driving tips

    Follow these easy-to-use Fuel Efficient Driving Tips to help you achieve the most fuel economy from your vehicle. Use Smooth Accelerator and Brake Pedal Application Avoid rapid starts and stops...

    Other information:

    Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual: Cruise control operations

    The cruise control allows driving at a speed between 25 - 89 mph (40 - 144 km/h) without keeping your foot on the accelerator pedal. To turn on the cruise control, push the ON/OFF switch on. The indicator in the vehicle information display will illuminate...

    Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual: Fastening the seat belts

    Adjust the seat. For additional information, refer to “Seats” in this section. Power front seat (if so equipped) Slowly pull the seat belt out of the retractor and insert the tongue into the buckle until you hear and feel the latch engage...


    Vehicle security system

    Nissan Murano. Vehicle security system

    Your vehicle has two types of security systems:

    Vehicle security system NISSAN Vehicle Immobilizer System

    The vehicle security system provides visual and audible alarm signals if someone opens the doors, liftgate or the hood when the system is armed. It is not, however, a motion detection type system that activates when a vehicle is moved or when a vibration occurs.

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