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Listed below are the system limitations for the AEB system. Failure to operate the vehicle in accordance with these system limitations could result in serious injury or death.

  • The AEB system cannot detect all vehicles under all conditions.
  • The radar sensor does not detect the following objects:
    • Pedestrians, animals or obstacles in the roadway.
    • Oncoming vehicles.
    • Crossing vehicles.
  • The radar sensor has some performance limitations. If a stationary vehicle is in the vehicle’s path, the AEB system will not function when the vehicle is driven at speeds over approximately 50 mph (80 km/h).
  • The radar sensor may not detect a vehicle ahead in the following conditions:
    • Dirt, ice, snow or other material covering the radar sensor.
    • Interference by other radar sources.
    • Snow or road spray from traveling vehicles.
    • If the vehicle ahead is narrow (e.g., motorcycle).
    • When driving on a steep downhill slope or roads with sharp curves.
  • In some road or traffic conditions, the AEB system may unexpectedly apply partial braking. When acceleration is necessary, continue to depress the accelerator pedal to override the system.
  • Braking distances increase on slippery surfaces.
  • The system is designed to automatically check the sensor’s functionality, within certain limitations. The system may not detect some forms of obstructions of the sensor area such as ice, snow, stickers, etc. In these cases, the system may not be able to warn the driver properly. Be sure that you check, clean and clear the sensor area regularly.
  • Excessive noise will interfere with the warning chime sound, and the chime may not be heard.

Nissan Murano. AEB system limitations

    Turning the AEB system on/off

    Perform the following steps to turn the AEB system on or off. Press the button until “Settings” displays in the vehicle information display and then press the OK button...

    System temporarily unavailable

    Condition A When the radar sensor picks up interference from another radar source, making it impossible to detect a vehicle ahead, the AEB system is automatically turned off...

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