Nissan Murano: Driving the vehicle / Accelerator downshift — in D (Drive) position —

Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Starting and driving / Driving the vehicle / Accelerator downshift — in D (Drive) position —

For passing or hill climbing, depress the accelerator pedal to the floor. This shifts the transmission down into a lower gear, depending on the vehicle speed.

    Shift lock release

    If the battery charge is low or discharged, the shift lever may not be moved from the P (Park) position even with the brake pedal depressed and the shift lever button pressed...

    High fluid temperature protection mode

    This transmission has a high fluid temperature protection mode. If the fluid temperature becomes too high (for example, when climbing steep grades in high temperatures with heavy loads, such as when towing a trailer), engine power and, under some conditions, vehicle speed will be decreased automatically to reduce the chance of transmission damage...

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    Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual: Installing top tether strap

    Rear row bench seat Top tether strap Anchor point   The child restraint top tether strap must be used when installing the child restraint with seat belts. First, secure the child restraint with the seat belt. OUTBOARD SEATING POSITIONS Remove the head restraint/headrest and store it in a secure place...

    Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual: Pre-towing tips

    Be certain your vehicle maintains a level position when a loaded and/or unloaded trailer is hitched.Do not drive the vehicle if it has an abnormal nose-up or nose-down condition; check for improper tongue load,overload,worn suspension or other possible causes of either condition...


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