Nissan Murano: Driving the vehicle / Accelerator downshift — in D (Drive) position —

Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Starting and driving / Driving the vehicle / Accelerator downshift — in D (Drive) position —

For passing or hill climbing, depress the accelerator pedal to the floor. This shifts the transmission down into a lower gear, depending on the vehicle speed.

    Shift lock release

    If the battery charge is low or discharged, the shift lever may not be moved from the P (Park) position even with the brake pedal depressed and the shift lever button pressed...

    High fluid temperature protection mode

    This transmission has a high fluid temperature protection mode. If the fluid temperature becomes too high (for example, when climbing steep grades in high temperatures with heavy loads, such as when towing a trailer), engine power and, under some conditions, vehicle speed will be decreased automatically to reduce the chance of transmission damage...

    Other information:

    Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual: System temporarily unavailable

    Condition A: The warning and assist functions of the I-LI system are not designed to work under the following conditions: When you operate the lane change signal and change the traveling lanes in the direction of the signal. (The I-LI system will be deactivated for approximately 2 seconds after the lane change signal is turned off...

    Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual: Moving Object Detection (MOD) (if so equipped)

    CAMERA button WARNING Failure to follow the warnings and instructions for proper use of the Moving Object Detection (MOD) system could result in serious injury or death. The MOD system is not a substitute for proper vehicle operation and is not designed to prevent contact with objects surrounding the vehicle...


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