Nissan Murano: Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) (if so equipped) / System malfunction

Nissan Murano 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Starting and driving / Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) (if so equipped) / System malfunction

If the TSR system malfunctions, it will be turned off automatically and the LDW indicator (orange) will illuminate in the vehicle information display.

Action to take:

If the LDW indicator (orange) illuminates in the display, pull off the road at a safe location and stop the vehicle. Turn the engine off and restart the engine. If the LDW indicator (orange) continues to illuminate, have the system checked. It is recommended that you visit a NISSAN dealer for this service.

    System temporarily unavailable

    If the vehicle is parked in direct sunlight under high temperature conditions (over approximately 104°F [40°C]) and then started, the TSR system may be deactivated automatically...

    System maintenance

    The TSR system uses the same multisensing front camera unit that is used by the Lane DepartureWarning (LDW) system, located in front of the interior rearview mirror...

    Other information:

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