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Nissan Murano. Automatic operation

To fully open a window, push the window switch down to the second detent and release it; it need not be held. The window automatically opens all the way. To stop the window, lift the switch up while the window is opening.

To fully close a window, pull the switch up to the second detent and release it; it need not be held. To stop the window, push the switch down while the window is closing.

    Front passenger’s power window switch, Rear power window switch

    Front passenger’s power window switch The passenger’s window switch operates only the corresponding passenger’s window. To open the window partially, push the switch down lightly until the desired window position is reached...

    Power moonroof (if so equipped)


    Other information:

    Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual: Clearing the programmed information

    The following procedure clears the programmed information from both buttons. Individual buttons cannot be cleared. However, individual buttons can be reprogrammed. For additional information, refer to “Reprogramming a single HomeLink® button” in this section...

    Nissan Murano 2015-2023 Owners Manual: Moving Object Detection (MOD) (if so equipped)

    CAMERA button WARNING Failure to follow the warnings and instructions for proper use of the Moving Object Detection (MOD) system could result in serious injury or death. The MOD system is not a substitute for proper vehicle operation and is not designed to prevent contact with objects surrounding the vehicle...


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