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Nissan Murano 2015-2024 Owners Manual / Technical and consumer information / Towing a trailer / Towing load/specification

WARNING The towing capacities provided in this manual are for general reference only. The safe towing capacity of your vehicle is affected by dealer and factory installed options and passenger and cargo loads.You must weigh the vehicle and trailer as described in this manual to determine the actual vehicle towing capacity. Do not exceed the published maximum towing capacity or the GCWR or the GVWR shown on the FMVSS/CMVSS label. Doing so can result in an accident causing serious personal injury or property damage.

Nissan Murano. Towing load/specification

*1: The towing capacity values are calculated assuming a base vehicle with driver and any options required to achieve the rating. Additional passengers, cargo and/or optional equipment will add weight to the vehicle and reduce your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity.

    Trailer frontal area

    CAUTION Exceeding the maximum trailer frontal area specification may exceed the towing capacity of the vehicle. This may affect the towing performance and lead to vehicle damage...

    Towing safety

    Your vehicle may be equipped with an optional trailer tow package. The trailer tow package includes a receiver-type frame mounted hitch. This hitch is rated for the maximum towing capacity of this vehicle when the proper towing equipment is used...

    Other information:

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